Why Positive Thinking is bad for you

Why Positive Thinking is bad for you

The motivational and inspirational speaking industry was worth $9.9 billion in 2016 and is estimated to grow to $13.2 billion by 2022. The positive thinking wave is big but is it good for you?

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First of all motivation is overrated. It does not give you the tools to apply it for your own life. The very generic positive quotes that should inspire you are not really doing anything to your subconscious.

Secondly inspiration is misleading because it tricks you to following someone else’s goals and dreams. We are 7 billion different people on this planet and we have very different goals.

Thirdly positive psychology makes you oblivious of the reality. Channeling positive thought throughout the day makes you be in denial of all your negative thoughts. That are also you. It also gives you a misconception of your identity. Leaving a side your bad thoughts or bad traits of your character helps you create a fake you.

And lastly yet not less important positive psychology does not create evolution but a false sense of existence. Also, it does not generate long term change Is just like a diet, like a painkiller for the moment. Helps for a few days , but the problem returns soon enough.

Why positive thinking is bad for you


Imagine your “positive thought” are you daughter and your “negative thoughts” your son. How would you feel as a parent to only care and listen to your daughter? Validating her and paying attention to only what she has to say. Ignoring your son, denying his existence, expression and opinion.

Yes, exactly. Awful.

I help people embrace all their children, all their bad traits, behavior and thoughts. Because only when you take all off you as whole you can start living and creating great things. The key is learning how to capitalize on your bad traits as well as your good ones.

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Be Bright, Be Bold, Be Beautiful.

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