Why people what to travel

Why people what to travel
How many times have you heard this sentence? MY LIFETIME DREAM IS TO TRAVEL THE WORLD. Many I am sure. And how many times have you said it?

I am going to spoil it for you, because I discovered what is the trauma behind it.

Sounds romantic and even sexy this idea of traveling the world. Not working or working on the road. I get it. I was one of those people too. But I discovered something really powerful behind it.

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Let’s look throughout human history

Back 19 century people used to travel because they were in search of a better life. For work or better government system. Mainly because they disliked what they had where they were born.

Back in the renaissance people travel for business agreements, political or religious affairs. Again, because they didn’t settle for what they could do where they were.

Back in age of colonization and the crusades people traveled because of the need for conquer and sometimes to escape deadly diseases. We can see again not for pleasure but to escape or dominate something.

We can also see the travel as a mean to reach different food, ingredients or materials we couldn’t find around us. Like silk, tea and diamonds. Again, to supply a demand not for fun.

We can go even further back in time to talk about the times of Homo Sapiens. Their migration patterns were very specific to food and survival. Not pleasure.

The people that actually traveled during history, were a small group and of a high class. An even so, they never spend their life traveling but they returned to their homes.

So why we travel now?

We can say that this possibility of travel and moving around the world we have now is unique. We never had it in history, and never for 7 billion people.

We can also say that we never did it for fun before. You can say Hey that’s great! But all good things they have a polarized aspect.

Why people what to travel

How our brain works

Because our ancestors for hundreds and thousands of years never thought of this as a fun activity there is a program build inside of all of us. We like it or not. Everything they lived we hold within.

Therefore, or archaic brain is connected to them. The thought of travel is mostly an ESCAPE. We try to convince ourselves that we want to discover, conquer and explore. But the truth is that there is something damaging around us that we have the urge to escape.

Let’s take my life as an example.

I moved in 33 years of my life about 30 times if not more. You would think that’s crazy. I would argue and say I was just looking for a better life. Both ideas are valid yet polarized. How would you think my life would look in the next 20 years if I would keep going like this? Where would I be if I am always seeking better? The real question is: What I was running away from? There isn’t one universal answer to this. Each one of us will have a different something they run away from.

So instead of you daydreaming how would your life be if you lived in a different place, or if you wouldn’t own a house and you could travel the world. Ask yourself what is around you right now that you need to escape. Because I have a bad new for you. Until you don’t fix that polarization, this aspect will chase you everywhere you go. And moreover, you will never be as happy as you think anywhere. No matter how many beautiful places you will see, how many amazing people you will find and how many amazing experiences you will save in your camera. Nothing will heal that wound you initially needed to escape.

So, the answer is: People want to travel because they need to escape their life.

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