WHO is the EGO

WHO is the EGO

Who or what is the Ego? Most importantly, why we are so afraid of it?

We think about the Ego in a negative way. I wish to change that perspective if you can give me a few minutes of your time. Let’s dive in and discover this part of you that can be a useful tool.

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To understand it try to make a mental work to look at it as different persona inside of you. That cohabits the body alongside of you. The ego is many things and here are the ones I could identity and describe:

The Soldier, protector of your realm.

You created this personality according to your childhood experiences. Because you needed someone to protect the essence of you, your personality and individuality. When a child finds himself in a situation where his opinion, desire or need is under attack. He fights for self-preservation, for survival. He creates a defense; through the defense mechanism we study in psychology. And that defense mechanism creates this Soldier personality. However, throughout all his life when he finds himself in similar situation, the soldier is called on duty.

Fear of Death, biological survival.

Moreover the Ego is also the automatic and biological reactions of extreme danger. Faced with a tiger or being on the edge of a cliff requires a retreat action for the body not to die or get injured. The Ego chooses retreat if it sees no winning ticket. Thanks to the Ego that our human species has survived as long as is had. Choosing carefully when to retreat, and when to fight.

The Body, the physical experience and grounding.

Your human flesh combined with the physics of the Earth like gravity is also the Ego. It gives you weight here on Earth, “keeps your feet on the ground”. Is what gives you stability, security and safety. The purpose again is for protection. We don’t fly or float in space of in the sky, because its unpredictable and quite unsafe. We are glued to the ground for safety. In addition, our mind is glued to the ground to keep us stable, strong and decisive.

The Creation, Sexuality.

Creation can be anything between building a house, growing a plant, or writing a book. Without the Ego there is no creation. To create something, you must trust yourself to have the capability of transforming one form of mater into a different one. You need to think of yourself as a God. Sexuality plays a big role here. It is the most grandiose creation you can do as a human, to create human life on earth. Sexuality is your Ego, and Ego is Creation.

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