Toxic Femininity

Toxic Femininity

Important message for women in 2020

“Truth is truth when it works”

Mr. Dooley, Finley Peter Dunne, humorist, New York Times

The male role was to hunt and search for food, and the female was left in the cave, in a save place, with the infants or children to wait.

Easy, first of all it gives more space for planning and analyzing, meanwhile the man is using its brain to hide and run from ferocious animal, analyze trees and bushes for fruit, create more tools and building huts. The woman has lot of time to … think.

It’s not an innate biological distinction between man and women. It’s just development, it’s habit, is what man have done most and what woman have done most since the beginning.

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How is female manipulation come to be?

The perception of a woman left in the cage to wait was in those time not as we see it, inferior but quit the opposite, it as a privilege of her of life creating creature.

She saw it the same way. And felt privileged and used that privilege to more brain development.

That time you get with the baby and in stillness gives you two amazing capabilities. One is the deep connection with the child, thus the ability to connect to that level with other humans. Two, the ability to develop complex thoughts.

I believe women were the ones giving birth, caring, feeding, and educating human society until XIX century. So, who are the mold makers of society? Are really men that have created society? Were they implicated in the care and education of new generations? Are we blaming man for hundreds of thousands of years when they only had a say since the invention and establishment of first universities?

toxic femininity

How women have created this world?

Education and care for infants and children is the building block of future and next societies. We are seeing now just recently the small and slow change in the household roles. When men are participants of children education and disciple.

The pursuit of woman of carriers and professional recognition is not what we believe to be a feminist movement of empowerment. But a natural shift that our society is making, at an anthropological level to man actively participate in shaping the human future.

Nevertheless, woman leaving the household is a proof of freedom of the female role, yet this abandonment sadly isn’t done with a full consciousness of what woman really want. But rather with anger and resentment toward man as if they put them there. And it can’t be further from the truth, thus woman have loved the role they have played from the shadows of our societies and our families, coming up with technics to overpower and manipulate the events and the people for their own benefit.

For all the women out there ask yourself why do you want to be the CEO or the leader of a company. What are your real reasons? The real shadows of your choice.

Is it appreciation, admiration and recognition? Is this the only way you can reach it? Do you want appreciation of men? Or you search for the women in your community to look at you as archiver?

Translation: Do you want the appreciation of your father? Or the inclusion and attention of your mother?

Analyze yourself. Is your femininity toxic?

How have you reach this path? Have you manipulated, people and events? Or even your self-identity dismissing your inner guiding system and your desires and passions? How much power has the Ego over these decisions? Do you want a life dictated by your childhood unfulfilled needs? Or you prefer your guiding system to have a healthy collaboration with your past and your future? Wouldn’t you prefer to pursuit a career that is your honest desire? As mothers we have to leave our children to pursuit our own dreams. But if what you are going for is no even your dream, is only bases on ego and trauma. You will be full of resentment, for them and your partner. That’s when woman become real toxic. Because we start a battle within, a battle with the men around us, looking for ways to blame them for our outcome.

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