The Morning Show, Psychological Review

The Morning Show, Psychological Review

The new Apple TV creation has made a lot of noise during its launch. And I understand know why. For instance is one of the most honest content I have seen in a long time.

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Meanwhile Netflix is creating new content at the speed of light and all seams to me just Millennials copies of metaphors that we have been seeing in so many places. Apple has decided to create a little but with more honest approach to society. Certainly they all have to create content that has a market. But in the past year I believe that more and more people are hungry for authenticity while they cant digest BS anymore.

What The Morning Show tries to accentuate in my opinion is the amount of lies. Both for good or bad that people on mass-media are feeding us.

Jennifer Aniston is interpreting a very human character. She brings such refreshing image to a veteran of television that has to change her entire plan for future and her entire mindset. All that within hours. She is representing the capacity we all have to manage adversity by literally being flexible. By being able to accept and adapt to new pathways life presents us with.

Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon at the premiere of The Morning Show

Reese Witherspoon on the other hand hives a true lesson of authenticity dressed with self doubt of course. Yet, very human and realistic. She describes very well the small category of society that don’t and can’t shut up. Is not portrayed as a good thing, but rather with all its implications. She is a full power character and she makes us all want to be nonconforming human beings.

Steve Carell’s great interpretation of the masculine energy within this environment focuses on showcasing the untold truth about sexual harassment. The side of a man that had different relationships with woman in the work place. A man that has been reduced to nothing because of that. His true story, from his side is one of the most important message that we should take from this show.

I believe public figures that are knocked down life this, which there were many in the past couple of years are representing the shadows of our society. Their stories become to debatable that touches all society layers. I love to make analogies and I describe this type pf people as The Black Hole, Personality Type, you can read here my article about this personality.

In conclusion I love the show that explains a story not through black or white lenses. A fresh perception of what we hear on TV. Trying to gain autonomy in deciding ourselves what we believe, and not to for beliefs too strong since we have know idea about the reality those people lived.

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