The Game of Life

The Game of Life

Living vs. Playing the Game of life

What are the GAMES?

According to the archaeological findings, the earliest type of game was found in south Turkey about 5000 years ago. Composed by 49 small, painted and carved stones. Games allow people to go beyond immediate imagination and direct physical activity. Games were mainly entertainment and enjoyment. With feature like uncertainty of outcome, separate place and time, elements of fiction, elements of chance and prescribed goals.

We can maybe conclude that the main idea of games was not to differentiate between winners and losers. It was more about training, experience, challenges and practice. You can win at a game the first time you play, also called beginner luck. But the key is not to win, or to dominate the opponent, but to dominate the game itself.

A concept misunderstood by many people. We live in a world built within the idea of winning and losing, good or bad.

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You see the real purpose of the game is to:

  • KNOW the game
  • LEARN its possibilities
  • CREATE strategies
  • EXPERIENCE the process in doing so

As a result, you:

  • USE your mind
  • ACTIVATE your bran
  • AMPLYFY your capabilities


If you LIVE THE LIFE you are submerged in it, thinking and feeling that everything is happening to you. You lose this way the perspective of who you are, you even start believing you are your decisions. In this scenario you strive to win, to survive, to achieve more and more. The process becomes blurry and you donโ€™t learn from your decisions. Therefore you are doomed to make the same moves again and again.

If you play the GAME OF LIFE, you are outside the game, a spectator, an observer. Fro outside you can watch and learn from the outcome of your moves. In this scenario nothing is good nor bad, since any strategy will teach you something undoubtedly.

Regarding EMOTIONS

In LIVING THE LIFE, you swim inside the game, you believe you are stuck. Trapped inside of a pattern you must win at. This awakens frustration, lack of freedom, lack of choice. But more importantly a range of emotions like fear, anger, power, glory, pride.

In the GAME things change because you know that what is happening inside, itโ€™s not you. You know those are just your choices, your decisions, with different outcomes. Your opponent is not your rival anymore, it becomes your teacher. Thanks to him you twitch and shape your new strategies. The game is not your teacher or the master, is just the platform where you express yourself. In this perspective there is no need for decisions made on emotions. Everything has a lesson, nothing creates frustration because you realize from outside that you always learn something.


In LINING THE LIFE, you come close to happiness in very few occasions and thatโ€™s when you win. But is that really happiness or more like a bucket of other feeling like achievement, pride, power.

In the GAME you are in a natural state of peace and bliss. Like a charging energy that pours inside you with every lesson you learn. Every new activation of your brain, every new discovery of your capabilities, with every new discovery of choice. You be the judge of this. Is it winning, pride and power real happiness? Of maybe this constant feeling of peace and evolving?


When you LIVE THE LIFE, you need to differentiation to navigate the waters of the game since you are inside. You need to make differences between you and others, good or bad, small or big. Also, differentiation between ideas, concepts, outcomes, beliefs, cultures, civilizations and societies, creating splits of energy all around you.

If you play the GAME OF LIFE every participant, every object, every idea is equally useful for you and your strategies. There is no differentiation, giving you a sense of playfulness in search of all possibilities.

My Thoughts

When you play at the GAME OF LIFE you are not played. Played by others, played by emotions, played by ideas. You are in control of your choices. You acquire a great advantage that your brain expands, and your thoughts become more and more complex. A more complex abstract thought. Spirituality, faith, belief, religion and ideologies in general are very primitive aspects of ABSTRACT THOUGHT.

Abstract thought is an unlimited mine of teachings, decisions and complex integrations. In order to create a new strategy, you must IMAGINE it first. You must create it in your mind. The more abstract it becomes the less tight to material reality it is. The less material the more options of outcome and more solutions can generate.

Therefore, if you want to go directly to achieving high quality abstract thought. Try playing the GAME OF LIFE.

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