Psychological weight loss

Psychological weight loss

How to overcome obesity with a psychological weight loss

Hormonal unbalance created many disease and unbalances in the body and most importantly create an imbalance in the mind, leading to serious mental health issues. If extra weight wouldn’t create any anomalies in the physical body and neither at a mental level, we could assume that there is absolutely no problem with being overweight. But since it does create and serious issues both for the body and the mental health lets address that.

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The acceptance of the obesity and overweight is a great part of the process to overcome the mental blockage people have in this circumstance, but we have to deal with self-acceptance and not look for acceptance in other or to impose acceptance by force. Just as forcing someone into diet and exercises isn’t either the journey to change. Psychological weight loss is based on not forcing judgment or shame. And also, not using the glorification of obesity or unhealthy eating habits would take us to healthier civilisation.

With that being said what are the mental consequences in obesity? To answer that question first let’s explain what is the mental state of an obese person by asking this question.

What is that you gain with being obese?

We never, never ever do anything in life unless we have something to gain.

The answer we could get could be:

If I am obese, people treat me with more kindness,

if I am obese my family accepts me,

if I am obese, I don’t get to do some thigs in life because it limits me,

if I am obese, nobody can treat me bad,

if I am obese, I don’t get that much responsibility,

if I am obese, my chances to conceive are lower,

if I am obese, man with not approach,

If I am obese, I get less attention

if I am obese, I have a medical condition therefore nobody can tell me better,

Then let’s ask:

What do you fear if you have a normal body?

If I lose weight, I fear rejection, now I am rejected because of my weight only, but if I don’t have the weight anymore, I can face rejection in many areas of my life.

If I lose weight, I will stop having excuses

If I lose weight, men will approach, and I don’t know how to handle relationships

Understanding that everything you are, and you have in this life is absolutely your choice is crucial for this debate. Clinging on the identity they’ve created helps them reinsure themselves. Obesity is one of the strongest identity because an obese child will continue to be obese in adulthood since it has become their personality. And indeed, the most difficult thing to do in mental health issues is giving up on the idea they have of themselves, or the identity they have been constructed over the years. To construct an identity takes many years, experiences and of course suffering and pain. If we tell the mind to give up on that construct The Ego feel betrayed as if the entire life live until that point was for nothing. The Ego does not see the global repercussions of experiences. It only cares about the separate moments.

How obese and overweight people should see obesity?

  • First analyze is how did I got here, what happened in my life when this started. Did I dealt with it, is it still very tender, do I still have resentment for it?
  • Second is to understand is that obesity was the answer I have chosen for that moment in time to deal with that exact issue. Therefore, is MY CHOICE.
  • Third is asking myself if I am ready for the change. If I am ready to give up on clinging to the same drama. If I am ready to evolve and introduce new parts and ideas into my personality. If the answer is yes, follow the fourth step. If the answer is no, continue your life the same way while debating and analyzing first and second step until you are ready to integrate.
  • Forth is introduction of DISCIPLINE AND RESPONSIBILITY on a daily base, in any activity, in any interaction, in any experience. On your terms, with your timing, what make you happy, what you are passioned about.
  • Fifth is BUILD WALLS to protect what you have created new in your life with the four previous steps. Find ways not to let words you hear, news you watch, comments and looks you observe to have impact in you. Because only you know your journey, only you live inside you. Don’t’ explain anyone what you have done, or what is your plan for your life even if you are proud and happy about it. Learn privacy and intimacy with only yourself you can achieve psychological weight loss.

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