Simple Psychological tricks with water

Simple Psychological tricks with water

Psychological tricks with water for the subconscious

Water in biology thanks to its important role represents LIFE. All life form on earth need water as its main ingredient. The Earth its 70 % water.

For a human being to have life in the first place its main ingredient would be… a mother, a womb where to grow. Therefor water represents the mother. Funny enough while we are in the womb we are also surrounded by water.

Therefore water is mother in a nutshell.

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Depending on the relationship you have with water we can state with great certainty the relationship you have with you mother, the relationship your mother had with her mother, and the idea you have about being a mother if you are a woman or what are you looking for in a woman if you are a man. All three ideas interrelated and relevant to the water analogy.

Making a list

Write down all the things water make you feel, the beliefs you have about water. How often you approach it or swim in it, and what type of water you prefer (river, sea, lake, pond, or pool). Why you prefer it, what memories you have about water, and anything that is related to water.

Moreover you can look at the similarities you encounter with you mother, with you being a mother, with your grandmother, with the mother of your children. Observe those similarities and dive deeper in those aspects that wake-up strong feeling within you. Putting awareness into these relationships, creating the bridge between the conscious and the subconscious is a great step. Healing those relationships take time, courage, dedication and lot of self-love.

Water for the body

Many people are sick of listening in therapy and in psychology the analogy and the importance of our past, our childhood and of our relationship with our parents. These are the things that create us as a human being, if they were open enough we will have more freedom to become who we really are. And the more closed minded, limited or traumatic they were less changes we have of developing as healthy adults. For all of you that are still struggling with this, I will explain here the relationship with water that all these has. And hopefully you will not resist the idea anymore after watching this.

These messages, programs, traumas, past experiences or however you choose to call them, are printed mainly in the water of our body.

The water is where information is stored.

In our bodies and in our planet. Since that comprised 70% of us and our planet, we live our lives 70% based on memories, not on actual facts happening in the now. So it’s accurate to say that our childhood and our past traumas, even our families traumas matter a lot since they dictate 70% of our present life.

It is crazy to think that 70% of what we do, what we decide, the choices we make every day are not our free will but our programs, aspirations, goals and traumas of our past, of our parents, and our grandparents. This is where the mind breaks down by thinking that we have lost control of our life. To regain the control is not about dismissing the 70% of our choices but rather approach each program, understand where it comes from and why is it in our life.

What we are and what we are meant to do is written in our biology, therefore is easy to alter our state with these simple psychological tricks with water.

  • The good news is that when you have realised all the 70% of programming that plays you as an avatar, that’s when you become aware. The traumas don’t act as strongly as before since you have seen it. The programs become less heavy.
  • When you choose willingly which of the 70% you really want to deal with in this life is when you gain back the control. You understand your ability to handle some of these programs, since we come to this world ready to do exactly that. We are built to deal with all that life throws at us, we just don’t know it or we don’t trues we can deal with it.
  • When you somatize some of the trauma release is when your body understood the massage that that particular program no longer serves you therefore is being eliminated. Elimination through water exchange. A flue with a lot of mucus, diarrhea, gastroenteritis, vomiting, these are all ways of the body to expel the contaminated water and introduce new water free of programming.

These psychological tricks with water will help the body connect with those emotions you are feeling in the moment.

Mental Health Hack

Take a shower when you feel hurt to cleans and balance your emotions. Take a hot bath when you have a dark depression moment to soak and soothe the senses as if you never left the womb. Swim outside in winter to rejuvenate, energize and electrify your energy. Wash yourself in general when you feel that your energy it’s off the rails.

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