Personality type: Black Hole

Personality type: Black Hole

To explain the concept of a personality type and specifically a Black Hole we will make an analogy comparing and associating the term “scapegoat” and a black hole.

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Defining a scapegoat

A person who is blamed for the wrongdoings, mistakes, or faults of others, especially for reasons of expediency.

The Bible describes the goat as the animal sent into the wilderness after the priest has symbolically laid the sins of all his community upon it.

For Spanish speakers this term is actually called a Black Sheep “Oveja Negra”, referred usually to that member of the family that everyone is pointing the finger at from all wrongdoings.

Black Hole characteristics

Is a region of space-time exhibiting such strong gravitational effects that nothing, not even particles nor electromagnetic radiation such as light can escape from it.

Making an analogy would be that this type of personality would have such pull, such attraction, acting as a magnet for people. We can look at spiritual leader, political leaders, religious leaders, celebrities, actors, singers, comedians, etc.. There are also smaller black holes such as the one person in the office that everyone talks about all the time. Or the child in the family that gives headaches over and over and all conversation is about him/her.

Note: also present in other personality type like the natural leader or the Sun Personality type. But in each type is has a different connotation this one only attracts the so called negative aspects of the people, society and environment.

In many ways a black hole acts like an ideal black body as it reflects no light.

Absorb darkness and also is darkness representing all the hidden aspects around it. Of its family, neighbourhood, city or country depending on the position it has. Establishing that darkness has no polarised meaning, is neither good or bad only hidden in the back of our personality, behind everything else.

Black holes are expected to form when very massive stars collapse at the end of their life cycle.

Very massive stars would represent very heavy personalities collapse and form this black hole. Black hole have parents (massive stars) with heavy DNA loadings, programming that themselves have not solved. The bigger and heavier the programming is, the bigger the black hole and so the pull. Therefore this black hole will have around many people, much more influence, more attention.

Supermassive black holes exist in the center of most galaxies.

They are in the center of the attention, the dispute is always about them.

Matter that falls onto black hole can form an external accretion disk heated by friction forming some of the brightest objects in the universe.

Any matter/matter that fall into a black hole lights up brighter than any other matters. That is why these personality type are son important, as black holes are. Brightening up the unseen issues of entire civilizations. We can be “blind” and choose not to see the “real matter”. Keep pointing the finger to the black hole. Or we could be efficient and look at the aspects that the black hole is trying to represent for each one of us in particular.

Also called a Singularity.

We all know that each one of us is unique, and there are no people in the world that can be the same not even twins. And yet many of us have similar features, similar taste, similar habits, tradition, similar skin type, similar desires, similar talents… and so on.

And we rejoice in these similarities, we love to spend time with people that are like us, that agree with us. But the black hole personalities have the particularity of being somewhat “one of a kind”. That is because their particular nature, their particular purpose of representing what is in the dark. So in their environment, surroundings there are no people alike so they can make the matter bright stronger.

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Be bright, be bold, be beautiful.

Adriana Diaconu

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