Life is a business

Life is a business

For us to be a great manager of our life we must treat life as a business.

In business school they teach all sort of strategies to manage a business and to grow it. A business is looked at as something that has to evolve, grow and reach the highest expectations. I’ve learned throughout my university experience that the management of a business has to do with all the department you can think of. From legal to design, management, staff, logistics and strategy.

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Just like life. We need to take care and have a plan for each of the department of our life. Here i want to explain how to manage the whole company. How to create a strategy that encompasses all of them.

For our projects and businesses, we take a lot of time to develop, grow, analyze and strategize over what has to be done. Yet for our life, which is the major project of our existence we give no thought. We care less and less.

What if you took all those skills you are implementing in your business and use them gracefully for your personal development. There is no secret mindset, or belief or even technique that only few know. The real deal is you and your skills working for you. As if you were the biggest project of them all.

Let’s put it like this.

You are the CEO of your LIFE.

Life is a business

As a CEO you are responsible of what the department of HR does and who they hire. AKA the people you chose to have in your life. Just like you pick the staff carefully thinking what they can bring to the company. We should also pick the people around us thinking about the benefits we can get from that relationship.

Also, as a CEO you are responsible of the future strategies of where the company is going with a short-term plan and a long-term vision and mission. We should do this in life too. Where do I want to be in 2 years? What about in 10 years. And create a plan that takes me there.

Moreover, as a CEO you are the one deciding where the money goes, what are the profitable investments to be done, in collaboration with the finance and legal department. According to your bank account and your needs and desires you are the one that decides all of that for your personal life. Is just a matter of making different choices.

But also, as a CEO you reach a moment when you realize that a strong move forward is collaboration with others or even selling shares of the company or selling half the company for the evolution and growth. Like in sharing your life with someone is an investment and a collaboration to make both people grow. Selling shares of half the business would be to give up on the strong idea that only you can do it all, and you can do it right. Could mean giving up an old identity.

As a CEO when a strategy does not work, we should be able to recycle the idea or at least to reinvest in a new one. Never to fall in the pits of stagnation. Life is the same with recycling and reinvestment of our emotions and the events and traumas we had to face. Never be stagnant of what happened or what should have happened. Reinvest the past experiences in creating a brand new strategy.

Or even worse there will be a time when you realize you must sell it all. Is time that life places you at a crossroad. Asking if you still have any lessons to learn from this type of life? Or we can move one to a new one and learn different things?

Be bright, Be Bold, Be Beautiful.

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