Do we what to be a human god?

Do we what to be a human god?

Many religions, philosophers, spiritual teachers have explained that our goal here on Earth is to be good, be happy and eventually we will reach enlightenment, or Haven, or just redemption of our soul.

This is embedded in our society and to our consciousness. They have become part of our culture, of society. This idea of becoming a human god.

You don’t have to be a believer in God, or a Buddhist or a professor in philosophy. Everyone believes now that cloning a God-like behavior is the most valuable aspect of you.  Words like compassion, love, kindness, empathy, sacrifice, happiness and joy are the correct road to redemption. The road to be a God. The road to ascension.

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Meanwhile our culture is built on the idea that we should look at the mistakes of our past and make the world a BETTER place. To avoid making the same mistakes. But we can’t make the world a better place. Even if the same event would happen, we will not deal with it in the same way. It will ultimately be something different. We can’t make the world better. Because we are already making the world different. Is going to be different no matter what we do.

What if the purpose in life isn’t happiness and achievements?

And what if the purpose of human existence isn’t ascension?

Just what if we are not supposed to search enlightenment?

What if being a human god is mastering our humanity?

As earthlings that we are the most grounding experience there can be. Gravity the energy that pulls us down is the defining aspect of humans.When we try to reach ascension, we try to disconnect from our core essence. We try to reach God by becoming God. Reaching a point where we are free of emotions.

That takes us in the opposite direction of what we came here for in the first place. If we would supposed to be Gods, we wouldn’t have a human body, or a body at all.

Why do we have this body full of emotions?

Because we must learn to manage our humanity and the emotions that come with it. That is how we become God. A Human God. We become a master in being a human.

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