How to love yourself

How to love yourself

9 rules for self love

Like layer of an onion, like development stages, like layers of the atmosphere, everything around us has LAYERS. Some are physical and some energetical.

We have to take care of each one of these layers. Since if one layer is unbalanced this will penetrate all the other layers as a laser beam influencing the whole.

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Layer 1. How to love the Genetic layer

The water, blood and cellular multiplication in the body. Our DNA codes. Filled with ancestry information, genetic trails. How to love this layer: accepting and embracing the family you were born in.

Layer 2. How to love the Functional layer

These are the functions that the human body has at an unconscious level. We don’t have to think or do anything to feel hungry, to digest our food, to have a hormonal release. It’s the automatic, the mechanic part of our being. Includes the brain stem, the medulla and amygdala of the brain, the endocrine system with all the glands producing hormones and the digestive system. How to love this layer: Take care of your physical needs. Allow and accept them as they are.

Layer 3. How to love the Emotional layer

Comprised by the 5 human emotions and each one of them with its interactive force.  A force is an interaction that changes the motion of an object. Applying it to the emotional layer each emotion is a force that has the ability to create new motion or growth in the human existence. All 5 of them are equally important and relevant.

Anger: is pushing energy, is creating tension

Sadness: is gravity, the weight

Disgust: is dissolving, disintegrate

Fear: is friction force, is the slow down

Joy: is the pull energy, attraction, desire, wishes, and needs

When we feel stuck in life that sensation of not going anywhere is the byproduct of eliminating anger, sadness, disgust and fear out or out lives. Maybe just one, maybe a couple of them or maybe all four. How to love this layer: Allow all emotions to run all over your body. Let them invade you. Let them move you.

Layer 4. How to love The Skin layer

The largest and the most exposed organ of our physical body. It has the ability of absorbing everything that gets in contact with. It’s a great conductor since its transports all that it absorbs to all the other organs in the body. Exposing the skin to harmful toxins, extreme weather conditions, lack of hydration or the lack of sensory experiences like hugs and human or animal touch creates an unbalance. How to love this layer: Selfcare routines like massages, baths, oils, hugs and touches.

Layer 5. How to love The Personal space layer

Includes your aura, your vibrational field, the meter surrounding you, under your feet and above your head.  We have heard many times how, being in a presence of someone makes us feel in a particular way. Whether it’s a good way through a spiritual teacher, being in a temple or in the specific geographic locations where the energy has higher vibration. Or makes us feel bad like being in the death zone, a cemetery or around toxic people. Consecutively it can be influenced by the environment, the climate and nature, animals, and even objects. How to love this layer: Get more of what makes you feel good, get less of what makes you feel bad.

How to love yourself
Start your journey to self love with small things

Layer 6. How to love The Social layer

Society, culture and behavior. This one is a no-brainer since we all know that the social status, culture with its belief systems and the habits and behavior of our family, friends and environment affects us tremendously. How to love this layer: Chose what type of person you want to be. And surround yourself with people that do those things you want to do.

Layer 7. How to love The Thought layer

Analysis and philosophy. Is the mechanical and the conscious analysis we make about ourselves and others. The way we philosophize in our mind about life in general. How to love this layer: Love your bad thoughts as much as the good ones. They are all yours.

Layer 8. How to love The Creation layer

Adding to the 7th layer of thought a different dimension. The usage of thought with its creative force. This is the layer that people refer to when they talk about manifestation or law of attraction, prayer, meditation and telepathy. How to love this layer: Acknowledge the thoughts and accept what they create.

Layer 9. How to love The Energetic layer

The channel that connects us to the all, to the universe, to our essence, to God, to the beyond physical experience. It’s not a place nor an entity. Is the stream of energy that connects us through a cable to the universe. One that carries the cosmic information to the human body, and one that carries the human experience out of the body and into the universe. How to love this layer: Always trust your intuition.

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