How to deal with haters

How to deal with haters

Simple way how to deal with haters in a healthy way and forever.

What is mirroring and Laws of the subconscious?

Certainly everything we have in the shadows of our subconscious it’s going to have a reflection in the outside world as an indicator of what to look at. So here are examples to showcase the two poles of mirroring.

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EXAMPLE 1 Let’s say you appreciate your boss’s leadership skills, the way he or she manages decision making process. That is one of your personality traits. Which is hiding under the layer of excuses, pain, shame or other beliefs. Keep in mind that all the aspects of other people that you admire and love are yours waiting to be released.

EXAMPLE 2 Moreover let us imagine you dislike of hate loud people, people screaming, people expressing anger and rage. Every time you find yourself in a situation like this you try to escape as fast as possible. Imagine your boss has this attitude with you. In short it’s a direct message from your subconscious saying that you have too much anger, rage, fury accumulate in your life. Therefore you are not allowing yourself to express freely. The shouts of other people are meant to represent the ones you are not releasing.

Why these personality traits are hidden from us, from our conscious mind?

For protection is the simple answer. In other words our Ego has a difficult job keeping us alive as much as possible so we can live this physical life. The Ego lives and experiences life differently than other shape or form of energy. Our human nature it’s so unique and precious because it gives us this opportunity. The Ego is the part of our human experience that creates BOXES. One with bad thing from whom to protect ourselves and one with good things that we awe to pursuit in life. Consequently this list it’s a co-creation between:

  • ancestors including our parents who build our DNA,
  • family and cultural society we have been born in,
  • life experience since we were just cells in our mother body and even 9 months previous to the conception event.

What these BOXES include?

The good BOX it’s filled with beliefs and programs that family, society or we have told ourselves that we should want, have or be. And the bad BOX has all the things that our family, society told us we shouldn’t want, have, be or that our experience has hurt us to some degree, therefore the Ego has classified it as dangerous. This BAD BOX is exactly what we have locked under key, under Ego’s protection.

Because these denied aspects belong to us, to the totality of our personality, to some degree our human life experience starts becoming poor and we find ourselves blocked in life as if there is no flow all together. Therefore our subconscious needs to show all those hidden parts of you hoping one day you will break the polarity of those believes and the polarity within yourselves.

Answering the final question, why we hate?

We hate because we don’t want to accept that as part of us and we are frightened. Also because we don’t want to suffer and we want to protect ourselves. We never hate to hurt others but we just don’t want to be hurt. So how to deal with haters? We must see them as the speakers of our internal voice. And listen more and react less. Focusing the attention to our inner child, to our subconscious and reading the message.

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