Healthy approach to Gender Debate

Healthy approach to Gender Debate
The gender debate it is not about being someone else, but rather why people are running away from the way they were born.

The gender debate moves around all the time about what people feel that they want to be. However nobody talks about why you have such rejection or opposition thousands the one that you were born with physically, biologically and genetically. Moreover nobody has a healthy approach to gender debate.

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Without entering a debate whether LGBT community should receive treatment to fix the issues (which is not what I’m saying). Above all I will address this as a mental programming because of childhood trauma, parental and family programming and also generational inheritance.

In addition issues that our grandparents, our grand grandparents, our parents and their siblings have lived in a traumatic experience and haven’t been able to deal with. We download them into our genetic coding to neutralize that trauma and depolarize it to the best of our capability. And each one of us does the best it can.

Similarly we can talk about gender issue in Social standard and Western Standard we can bring explanations from history. But this is not a place where I decide whether it’s good or bad.

Therefore any of my conversations or my debates will ever go into that polarized place. For this is to bring light of why things are the way they are except them and look at them through another perspective.  Why children are born intersexual, with a predisposition for same sex relationship or feeling as the opposite gender. Read more about my therapy here.

Things that happened in life have a deep purpose of experience and learning. Let’s find out what is the purpose of a gender change experience.

Therefore, why would a boy identify as a girl from early childhood and further on decides to go through sex change operation.  Let’s debate this question.

There are two main reasons

  • The stigma about being a boy, the role models of the household the family the grandparents and three generations above of what a man supposed to be. This boy comes into this world as a boy, but his energy is in opposition to those ideas that he can’t physically or biologically admit to his masculinity. That can be a case where masculinity has been extremely abusive, intolerant or violent. Or it can be a family where masculinity was absent or irresponsible either way there is a fundamental aspect about masculinity that this boy finds extremely toxic and can’t hold to his own. Therefore, decides to go to the opposite direction. He can’t hold masculine energy and he goes into opposition trying to be a woman. Why this isn’t healthy? Because any polarization is ever healthy. Healthy and balanced way would be finding a way to express a healthy masculinity showing to the entire family than being masculine and a man can have good consequences end behaviour.
  • A second reason would be if my emotional body has been neglected completely as a male participant within my family.  Females, sisters, cousins and my mother and grandmother have always been the rulers of the family. Females have taken the role of leaders and heads of the family. It’s easy to see this in Italian Society where there’s a “mama” that establishes the roles and the participants of the entire family. Usually a grandmother that takes care of them all. In this family development of men have happened through castration. Normally during their childhood or teenage ages. Being a man in this family has been shameful wrong, disgusting, unlovable and untrustworthy. A boy born in this family would try to coupe with this family hierarchy by adopting the same perception for the masculine body and energy. Disguising himself as a female in order to get the love, acceptance and appreciation from the entire family. It can be very visible, or it can be in a subconscious level.

If you are dealing with hate from others, or you have rejection or fear of any LGBTQI community members, I have a great article for you here.


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