Feminism vs. femininity

Feminism vs. femininity

How feminism and femininity have become two identities far apart and in opposition.

For some reason being feminine is starting to be. In opposition with being feminist. Feminism what to teach us this is an empowering movement for women. How is this empowering when you as a female don’t get to decide how you want to express your femininity?

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One big argument: feminism advocates gender equality

My question is why you would want to be equal to men? Isn’t any other areas or talents you can be much better than men? Why we are obsessed to be equals in this society? I don’t what to be like anyone else or be payed the same as others. Because this gives me the drive to actually follow my talent, my real personal power and make more than other. I believe this idea of equality is just to make us all sheep. If we are all the same, it’s easier to stir the flock in any direction. Feminism now is about what men have, and we should have too, just because they do.

feminism vs. femininity
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They also talk about the beginnings of feminism and how important it was for women to be introduced to the workforce. First of all, yes, it was also a political movement towards capitalism. More workforce obviously more consumption, and thus more capitalism. Feminism in 2020 it’s still political and economic, but also radical, and used as a weapon to attack men, and overload women.

What about Femininity vs. Feminism?

Femininity is not an exclusive trait of woman. That is what out body is divided in two separate and different coherent parts. Right and left. Neuroscience today has found areas of the brain the process different actions, cognitions and emotions. A female brain has both sides. A male brain has it too. It all depends at an individual level if that person is using or has developed more the right side or the left side of their brain.

left brain right brain

If a man has is femininity developed, his right brain is highly functional and used, he is in touch with his emotions, his creativity and his inner world. And he can also be a feminism. But if a woman has that same connection with her right side of art and intuition, she is called too feminine and under no circumstances can’t be called a feminist.

I am not a feminist because I don’t what to be equal to anyone. Regardless of their gender, race or age.

I am not feminine either, because I use my left and right brain side indistinctively. Depending on the task I have to perform, depending on my mood and emotions, depending on my goals.

First and foremost, I am Adriana, which happens to also be a woman. My personality and yours are so complex we can’t ever describe ourselves as one thing only. We can’t be equals ever. We must just be ourselves, to the best of our ability.


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