Empathy does not exist

Empathy does not exist

Empathy is just a social construct belief

The law of the subconscious tells us that there is nothing we can find in the outside of our existence that is not a direct representation of our inside. To explain why empathy does not exit I have created the analogy about the two boxes we have saved in the attic of our mind. A box labeled BAD and a box labeled GOOD.

Your can read more about this analogy in this post Why Haters Hate?

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  • We judge people around us because they don’t share the contents of our boxes.
  • Each one of us has so unique boxes with such unique combination of programs.
  • People are compatible with each other according to the contents of their boxes.
  • We tend to judge others for their content and tell them they their box it’s too full or too empty. Trying to convince them to take some of our contents and beliefs.


Help is never selfless

Is the most selfish act of human experience. The only reason people help is because they get something in exchange. Help is the way we convince ourselves that our boxes are better than others. Help is he most discriminatory behavior we can find. We help people that don’t think of do the same as we do.

It takes away the power of the helpless, putting it in a state of weakness and inferiority. By helping someone we are telling them they can’t do it and we have to do it for them. That is a disempowered state we put them in which also feeds us with power. Therefor empathy does not exist.

Real help is sharing experience and knowledge

Real help is empowerment

Real help is responsibility

Being an individual is an illusion

We can’t ever be empathetic without being selfish. Since being one separated from others it’s just a mere illusion of this reality.

Since we are unquestionably all one and the same. We can’t help others without certainly helping ourselves. Trying to help others in the outside is a damaging scenario for the collective since effective way of healing the collective is helping ourselves. The only reason we have around us people that need help is because we don’t see the help and support we ourselves need. A direct road would be taking care of yourself, and everything around you will set in place organically. Each one of us assuming the full responsibility of our own identity and life.  

If you struggle with the belief that empathy does not exist you can book a session here and I can guide to a life free of judgment.

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