Process and Counselling

What we are going to do before and during the therapeutical period and the need for commitment just as we commit to studies, a job or our families we must commit to our mental health. It requires dedication, work and routine to rewire our mind.

Coffee Talk

Short 20 minutes free interview to establish if this is what the client wants and needs

First Session

The first one a half hours of therapy we talk about the emergency issues and establish guidelines for the process

Commitment and routine

We establish a routine for at least 3 to 4 months, up to 9 months progression

Emergency Messaging

During therapy our vulnerability level rises significantly, therefore I will be available at all time for emergency messages


We overview the progress of depolarization and analyze the remaining level of trauma

Emotional Maturity

After a recommended 40 weeks treatment we can overview the level of Emotional Maturity we have achieved

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