Daddy Issues: Lolita and Alice Syndrome

Daddy Issues: Lolita and Alice Syndrome

So before we dive in the daddy issues first let’s establish that all man and woman have masculine and feminine energy. Or Yin and Yang energies so we don’t get confused. Moreover are a concept of dualism in ancient Chinese philosophy, describing how seemingly opposite or contrary forces may actually be complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world, and how they may give rise to each other as they interrelate to one another

They are not opposite energies but COMPLEMENTARY.

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Carl Jung in his Theory of Psychoanalysis describes Electra as a girl in psychosexual competition with her mother for possession of her father.

Female Abilities

In conclusion we create our female abilities based on what we see in our mothers. And our masculine abilities based on our father. Therefore, continuing what Sigmund Freud brought with the Electra Complex we can say that we learn from our mother to seduce our father. 

When the mother has a possessive behaviour with the father, the daughter will clone that behaviour to get the same attention. If the mother doesn’t get attention with that behaviour the daughter learns. Moreover she changes the relationship into an opposite behaviour to observe if that works and it usually does.

Consequently I believe that woman learn to handle masculine energy in early stages of development probably until 7 years old. But also, that master class of masculinity is applied to the masculinity within. How woman treat man is the way they treat their own masculinity. Since the masculinity within a woman life is really half of her experience that is half of life programming.

What are the daddy issues syndromes?

With all that said I have discovered 2 very polarised and easy to identify female Electra Types. The daughters that need desperately male attention and care. First these two identities are formed in childhood and tested with the father. If those tests come with successful result that is formed into a program and repeated the entire life. The reasons of that formation are content for an entire video or for an entire book but for now let’s analyse these two personality polarisation.

Lolita syndrome

Overly sexualised female offering sexual value to all man of her life regardless of age, but more likely to older man. Sex as an exchange coin. Looking to seduce her father and gain his love and appreciation. If that relationship gives positive results for the daughter, she will continue her manipulation. Through sex and sensuality with every man she encounters. I borrowed the name Lolita to describe this personality polarisation from the fictional character of the novel Lolita where the author describes a pseudo romantic relationship between an adolescent girl and 40 years old men.

Alice syndrome

Overly infantile and ignorant female, living in fairytale land, without regard of the reality. Looking for a father to take care of her in every man she encounters. I called it Alice from the fiction character from Alice in Wonderland. She finds herself in so many different scenarios and can’t really comprehend how she even got there. Lack of adulthood, responsibility, maturity, individuality, independence. Is what this personality polarisation believes is the exchange currency for fatherly love. And it works.

Mental Work

You might identify daddy issues in people around you with these attributes. But the key here is that all women have been through a period where they tried these mechanisms.

Your task now is to look for the moments or the man you have tried these manipulation strategies and if it worked for you. Tell me in the comments how did it work and if you are still using them today.

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