Psychology student knowledge and insight

Adriana Emotional Master


Thirsty for more every single minute of my life I have been studying many different aptitudes throughout university, courses, experiences and many self-taught skills. I emigrated from Romania when I was 16 years old to small village on the Mediterranean coast in Spain. Where I finished high school and started my bachelor’s degree in Business Management for Tourism.
However, even then I knew what I really wanted to do. I was most passionate about psychology and the mysteries of the human mind. Since a little child I was very emotional and connected to all the emotions around me.


I lived as a Highly Sensitive person my entire life. I have studies, read, healed and learned, about emotions, human behaviour and our consciousness.
I studied Neuro-linguistic programming, Biological Decoding, Epigenetic Transgenerational Inheritance. I am very passionate about Biology, Neuroscience and Psychoanalysis and I am currently a Psychology Bachelor student.