Abortion facts

Abortion facts

A broad perception and the consequences of abortion

Disclaimer: this is not a pro or con video about abortion but just stating energetic imprint of what it is, as facts. I don’t intent to make you position yourself in any team, team pro or con. The moment we position ourselves in any of the extremes WE HAVE LOSE AT LIFE. You win at suffering and struggle.

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The metaphysic and transgenerational consequences

From a standpoint of transgenerational inheritance, all traumatic deaths from our ancestry, and more likely four generation previous to ours have huge impact for the living ones today. Whether we admit it, whether there is scientific proof or not, there is no denial that traumas in the family that haven’t been resolved tend to come back in further generations to be felt and comprehend. Science has this backed up a little by explaining the DNA and all the characteristics we take from our parents, grandparents, and grand grandparents.

Usually the strong connections are in between the last 4 generations. One generation will suffer abuse, the next one will be the abuser, the third will be witness of the abuse and the last will hate abuse and never allow any abusive person or behavior in their life. The circle is complete. This trauma has been solved. It’s necessary to see the trauma from all 4 angles so we can see neither of the perception is the true one, but the truth is in its neutrality, the middle point.

Example of death in the genealogic tree

But what about death. One generation will feel the death of a loved one, the next one will be the one dying, the third will be the one killing, and the last will be the one feeling.  The killing will be a volunteer abortion. A woman committing an abortion should be free to do so and responsible of the transgenerational consequences. Everything we do in life, everything we think has a consequence. Assuming that consequences and making that decision with the responsibility would have lesser impact in your life and for future generations.

Abortion facts about responsibility

Action and reaction for everything that we do

Is not the same thing to eat a poisonous apple knowing or unknowingly, thus being fully and truly responsible is what makes us take control of our life.

The problem is that we have trivialized and normalized abortions to such degree that is equal to taking a pill for your headache. We stopped considering life as what truly is. In period of scarcity people tent to appreciate and overestimate the values they own, and in periods of abundance we trivialize all we have even the ability to bring life to this planet. We live in a period of abundance, we have never been this comfortable, we haven’t lived in safer environment, we have never had lesser health issues, there has never been 7 billion humans living on Earth. Therefore, we started to trivialize life.

Global matter

As abortion facts, the rise of volunteer abortions in the world the irresponsibility of life diminished drastically and more consequences will be seen further on for the entire human race.

What would you think the consequence is?

We put death in the world we get death. The death of life creation : Infertility. The death of our reproductive system. We are an amazing self-regulating biological system that included our physicality but also our mental power and our spirituality. All this together its self-regulating. Biology is regulating itself by making us see the value of life creation. And how us humans can see that? By not having it. By inducing a period of scarcity, scarcity of life.

If you struggle with the consequences of abortion you can take a look at my post The 9 stages of Grief where I explain the steps to healing. If you need more help book a free interview with me here.

Be bright, be bold, be beautiful.

Adriana Diaconu

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