adriana diaconu This is Adriana And here is your gateway to mental health
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Insight and Knowledge From a psychological and personal point of view about all issues related to emotions, mental health, anxiety, depression and sexuality.
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Adriana Emotional Master JOIN ME Into a journey to deprogram your mind. And eventually to have a fuller life.
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We work hard to achieve professional status, economic growth, family and cultural acceptance, good health, and yet we dedicate so little time, money and our energy to our mental health, our emotions and our inner world.
I am here to change that stigma, to create a culture of hard work on ourselves, on our traumas and blockages. Create habits of self-love. Compassion to ourselves first. And nourishment practices for our emotional body, physical body and conscious body.
Adriana Diaconu Emotional Master Online Therapy
Adriana Diaconu Emotional Master Online Therapy


We analyze the current situation
The most direct indication is the present day. WE will further on dig into the past and if it has a message it will be seen in the daily routine.
Family and ancestry
Many physical illnesses and mental programming come much further from the past, the present events are the echo of something that is rooted in the past.
We debunk myths
Many beliefs we have are not real or true for us at the moment even if they were at some point in time when they served us greatly. But now they act as obstacles and difficulties for us to be able to move on.
Mental Depolarization
Every myth and belief are going to be in whether a negative or a positive pole. Our job is to melt them away by neutralizing them.

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